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The featured slider can be set up using two different methods. You can either populate the tabs using Pages, or you can populate it using posts from a designated category. In the Appearances > Vertex Theme Options page in wp-admin, under the General Settings > Featured Slider tab, you will see an option that says “Use Pages.” If you select this option then pages will be used, if you don’t then posts will be used. If you want to use Pages then you simply select “Use Pages,” and then below the option select which pages you would like to display in the slider. If you don’t use pages, then simply select the “Featured Category” from the dropdown menu and posts from that category will be added to the slider.

Projects give you a way to showcase your recent work. When a new project is added, it is displayed on the homepage within a grid-based gallery. To add a new project, you can use the “Project” custom post type. After you activate Vertex, you will notice a new “Projects” tab has been added. Click Projects > Add New to create a new project. You can add an image to your project using the “Featured Image” link (more info on adding Featured Image above in the “Adding thumbnails (aka “featured images”) to your posts” section).

You can also add galleries to your projects using the standard WordPress Gallery function. To add a gallery to your project, click the “Add Media” icon above the text editor. Next click the “Create a Gallery” link and select the image you would like to add. Once selected, click the “Create A New Gallery” link,