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Please introduce yourself and welcome Ted Benson to the Club.

Ted Benson*is a biotechnology and management consultant with 20 years of industrial experience turning scientific ideas into biopharma growth and  revenue. He successfully led a worldwide People Ops team for strategic cultural transformation at a global Fortune 500 company. Ted has closed over $3 million in contracts by driving business development, and built and managed innovation groups across international companies.

He has co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, and is a co-inventor on four patents. An innovator and team leader at three biotech start-ups and three large pharma companies, Ted is a proven problem-solver who coaches people to deliver business-critical solutions. He founded his management consulting firm, Corralling Chaos, LLC, to help companies improve profitability by optimizing their total cost of workforce.

Clients are equipped with practical skills and processes to engage people, unleash their abilities, and continuously learn, in order to measurably improve culture and productivity. Such learning agility cultures attract and retain great people, promote healthy communities and sustain success into the future.  His wife Elizabeth works at Self-Help Credit Union, and his two sons Josh and Zach attend Jordan High and DSA. He serves as Lay Leader and sings in the choir at Trinity United Methodist Church, and he seeks to help Durham be the best and most inclusive place it can be, for ALL its people.

And that’s why he’s joining Rotary.”


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